April 21, 2021

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Episode 7 | 2nd Chance Entrepreneurs: How to Reinvent Yourself in Your Business or a New Business

In this episode, we are talking about 2nd chance entrepreneurs, how to reinvent yourself in your business or a new business. It may be your 2nd, 3rd, 4th business, etc. How do you keep going, especially if the business experience before left you broke, in debt, burnt out, and uninterested in even staying in business?

When should you keep going? When should you throw in the towel? How do you know if being an entrepreneur is really for you?

So let's get to the how-to reinvent yourself so your transition to a new business or a renewed business will be easier than mine.

1. Take a break to take care of yourself, to heal, rest, reset between businesses especially if the last business ended in "failure" or burnout.
2. Forgive yourself for any mistakes that you made in the past business and chalk it up to not knowing or making what you think were the best decisions at the time. Always remember to have compassion for yourself.
3. Evaluate what you could have done better before and what you would change if you had the chance to do it again.
4. Create a solid plan for your next endeavor and take baby steps.
5. Use your experience as a learning lesson that may be able to help someone else not make the same mistakes you did.
6. Set clear boundaries in your new business to avoid burnout.
7. Show up fully for your new business, if you are reinventing a current business maybe give it a facelift, take new pictures get a new website, get a new outlook.

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