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Female Entrepreneurs Building Businesses Holistically 

Without Sacrificing Self, Health, or the Ones They Love

Get the Biz Starter Kit and Other Awesome Resources for your Life & Business Weekly with a Private Community

Plan Your Business Holistically for More balance and Profit

This Ultimate Business Starter Kit For Women Who Want It All,
Will Help You With These Things And More:
  • Get crystal clear on how you want to set up your business so that it is perfect for you and your clients.
  • Make yourself a priority with a daily healthy plan to take excellent care of yourself. 
  • Get rid of your overwhelm: by identifying and releasing the clutter that's holding you back in your life and business. 
  • Map out your business, content and profit plan: create content and products that solve the problems of your ideal clients.

Create your Whole Boss Business Model:

"I feel like you made this just for me. This is for people who need to get real clear real quick about their business." -Shakti Mwamba

“The one-page business plan is awesome, I like the simplicity yet fruitful content that keeps us focused." -R. Hannah”

How are you? Welcome to my site! I'm Latrice Folkes Jones and I help female entrepreneurs build their businesses holistically with systems, while loving themselves more each day.

Most female entrepreneurs struggle with the balance between their life and business. I help them set up simple systems for their home and business so that they have more time, energy, and consistent income.