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Hi, I'm Latrice

How are you? Welcome to my site! I'm Latrice Folkes Jones and I help female entrepreneurs build their businesses holistically with systems, while loving themselves more each day.

Most female entrepreneurs struggle with the balance between their life and business. I help them set up simple systems for their home and business so that they have more time, energy, and consistent income.

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They Say

Brittany Neely Jones image

Brittany Neely Jones

"Latrice Folkes Jones's practical strategies for creating a more balanced and organized mental, spiritual, and physical life before the business proves to be different from others Business Coaching. It makes perfect sense- if your mind, home, and personal life suffers, your business will suffer as well."

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Hicunni Chandler

“If you are a new business owner or can't figure out what the next move in your business should be, then you should definitely connect with Latrice Folkes Jones! She was there every step of the way to help me peel back the layers of my business and hone in on exactly what I want to offer my clients."

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