Hey there female entrepreneur with too much on your plate...

✨Get Your Time, Energy, and Focus Back!✨

The Whole Boss Cleanse is a 7-day business detox that goes wayyyy deeper than surface-level cleansing. We will not just be clearing our desks and emails, we will also be clearing our energy, blocks, beliefs, fears, and anything else holding us back from success in our life and business.

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Cleanse Prep Starts Immediately After Sign-Up, 3 Days Of Prep And 7 Days Of Cleansing

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Lock in this low price today, before the price increases!

Instead of doing "MORE" most female entrepreneurs need to take more things off of their plate to be successful. I'm sharing what helped me come back from burnout and being "all over the place"...

Let's be honest, have you been struggling with any of the following, because I was?

  • Overwhelmed because you have too much on your plate, too much clutter, consume too much information or you have a lot of ideas but have no idea where to start.
  • Can never find what you're looking for easily, you have to dig through piles of stuff to find the paper or item you need.
  • You always feel like your rushing and feel a bit disheveled, because you're unorganized.
  • Find yourself unable to complete or implement courses, programs, and products that you've purchased because you have way too much going on.
  • Your computer is filled with freebies, bookmarks, etc. of a bunch of things you've been collecting but never use.
  • Out of energy because you haven't made yourself a priority and it's time for a good detox.
  • Out of time because you have not set the proper boundaries and have too many commitments.
  • You're unable to enjoy wind-down time because you're always thinking about pressing things you need to do.
  • Out of money because your unable to focus on the important income-generating activities in your business.

This Cleanse Goes Way Deeper Than A Surface-Level Cleaning!

It's time to get clear!
Imagine if you felt lighter without the overwhelm and confusion, with more energy, time, and clarity to focus on the income-generation activities that matters most in your business.

In the Whole Boss Cleanse, we will clear clutter in 6 main areas that is keeping you overwhelmed, stuck and unfocused in your business that you may not even be aware of.

Area 1: Your Head

We will clear your ideas, desires, fears and anything taking up mental space.

Area 2: Your Heart

We will clear your emotions you need to release what's holding you back.

Area 3: Your Body

We will clear foods and habits you need to let go of for a healthier body.

Area 4: Your Physical Spaces

We will clear your home and office, and get rid of the "Stuff" you no longer need.

Area 5: Your Digital Spaces

We will clear the cyber areas and systems such as email, social media, website, etc. that you can streamline.

Area 6: Your Commitments

We will clear the extra responsibilities you have taken on that you need to get rid of, delegate or shorten.

Hi, I'm Latrice

I'm an Intuitive Life & Business Coach and I help female entrepreneurs build their businesses holistically with systems, while loving themselves more each day.

Most female entrepreneurs struggle with the balance between their life and business. I help them set up simple systems for their home and business so that they have more time, energy, and consistent income.

I struggle with this at times as well because of my nurturing nature and I created this cleanse in particular to help me get clear, clear the clutter, get back aligned and more energized after burnout. So now I want to share it with you!

Energy is Everything!!!

Do you want a business that feels light and organized without you spending every waking moment in it, where you can easily get stuff done and/or pass it off to help?

By the time you finish this cleanse, not only will you have an abundance of energy, you will have the clarity you need to make bold powerful moves in your business, your schedule will feel clear and more dialed in like you gained more hours in your day, you will feel like a weight have been lifted that will lighten your energy to attract more clients and money.

Lock in this low price today, before the price increases!

Get the Whole Boss Cleanse System today...

Now Only $7

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Lock in this low price today, before the price increases!

The Ultimate Detox For Your Life & Business

If your mind, home, and personal life suffers, your business will suffer as well

Brittany Neely Jones

Latrice Folkes Jones's practical strategies for creating a more balanced and organized mental, spiritual, and physical life before the business proves to be different from others Business Coaching. It makes perfect sense- if your mind, home, and personal life suffers, your business will suffer as well.

I now can say that I have a greater sense of awareness and clarity to take my business to the next level.

Cleanse Details:

Upon sign up, you will be redirected to a members area in which you will have access to the full cleanse.

You will receive daily emails to help you prep and during the cleanse to keep you on track.

Each day of the cleanse you will receive daily actionable emails and simple challenges to clear a different area will be sent to your inbox.

Let's Break It Down:

Day 1: Self Clearing

Get Clear and Clear Mindset, Emotions and Physical Toxins 

Day 2: Energy Clearing

Clear Energetic Blocks, Money Blocks, Beliefs, and Fears

Day 3: Physical Clearing

Clear Physical Locations in our Home and Office

Day 4: Digital Clearing

Clear Email, Social Media, Systems, etc.

Day 5: Schedule Clearing

Clear Extra Commitments, Delegate and Organize

Day 6: Daily Clearing 

Daily HRS™ - Habits, Rituals and Systems to Stay in the Clear

Day 7: Manifest

Goal Setting and Manifestation for your Life and Business


  • Whole Boss Energy Plan A simple guide for busy entrepreneurs with protocol and recipes to help them detox, increase their energy and even drop extra pounds.
  • Whole Boss Cleanse Rituals A guide to help you purify your mind, body and soul to get below the surface cleaning of your physical spaces to clear blocks and  negative energy.

I feel so encouraged to began tackling the task at hand!

Shakti M.

I quickly did an emotional mind dump of how the clutter in my life was making me feel. And I have to say it was saddening to see all the little things I had let hold me back for so long but at the same time it was uplifting and so promising to see how something as simple as being conscious of the this could change everything. Now that I know what was holding me back I feel so encouraged to began tackling the task at hand!

Get the Whole Boss Cleanse System today...

Now Only $7

Lock in this low price today, before the price increases!

The Ultimate Detox For Your Life & Business

How The Cleanse Works:

When you sign up you will receive a welcome email with the link to the Members area with your lessons, cleanse guides, worksheets, bonuses, and anything else you need.

What Will You Get Out Of This Business Detox?

💡 Clarity - By getting rid of a plethora of conflicting thoughts and ideas.
⚡ More Energy - By also cleansing your body, releasing toxins and consuming energy-rich foods.
⌛ More Time - By getting rid of extra commitments and learning how to delegate and simplify activities on your plate.
💰 More Money - By finally having the clarity, time, and energy to focus on the right things and income-generating activities in your business.

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