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How are you? Welcome to my site! I'm Latrice Folkes Jones and I help female entrepreneurs build their businesses holistically with systems, while loving themselves more each day.

Most female entrepreneurs struggle with the balance between their life and business. I help them set up simple systems for their home and business so that they have more time, energy, and consistent income.

I have over 28 years of experience in Holistic Living, Entrepreneurship and Personal Development as a plant-based chef, author, restaurateur and online business owner. After suffering from a major burnout in 2015, I decided to switch to a mostly online business model. That experience made me realize how important it is to incorporate self care and other systems into my life and business. It's a must to have a profitable and sustainable business without getting totally depleted.

I no longer wanted to sacrifice my health, family, or anything else I loved to be in business. I wanted to have it all, more freedom, more money, better health, more love and more time to spend with my growing daughters. I began searching for solutions for more balance and figuring out how to have all the things I wanted without being overwhelmed and going cuckoo.

The Struggle is real... But Balance is Possible

I learned I needed 5 major things on my journey to wholeness: 1) To do the necessary mindset work to get clarity, set goals and get rid of limiting beliefs holding me back from success and also exchange them for new empowering ones. 2) To come up with a clear action plan to reach all of my goals. 3) To clear all unnecessary clutter in my life and business. 4) Take focused consistent action. 5) To set up Daily HRS™ [habits, rituals and systems] for my life and biz. I needed systems for self care, organization (both home and business), and systems for consistent profit in my business.

I've learned many lessons on my path of entrepreneurship, one of the most important is that you must grow yourself as a person to have a successful fulfilling business and a life of balance. I wanted to create a space where we can cultivate that growth, not only in business but also personally. Which birthed my current passion project, Whole Boss.

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