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The most comprehensive membership to simplify, organize and automate your life and business.

Confidently Setup a Sustainable Profitable Business Without Sacrificing Your Self, Health, and the Ones You Love.

The Whole Boss Business Academy is a membership-based implementation program that shows you exactly how to create the assets and systems your business needs to grow and generate consistent income without sacrificing your self, health or the ones you love.

Is this you?

You want to start or build a business, but everything keeps getting in the way, you never seem to have enough time, focus, energy or support to get it off the ground.

The truth is there are 5 main things holding most female entrepreneurs back from having a balanced profitable business

  • You haven't got clear -clarity about what you want, your next steps or cleared from the mindset, emotional, or physical clutter that may be holding you back
  • You haven't created a personalized plan that works for you
  • You have not made yourself a priority and put important self-care measures in place for your physical, mental and emotional health
  • You have not got organized and set up proper systems
  • You have not set up a flexible profit system

But don't fret, the Whole Boss Business Academy helps you put everything in perspective by helping you implement it's foundational principle of creating a "You-centered" business with "Client-centered" products and services.

In other words you take excellent care of yourself first and then you extend yourself to others with boundaries and systems, so that you can serve at an even higher level without getting  burned out or depleted.

Take your business from a dream to a scalable business of your dreams where you can work less while making more.

By the end of the success path, you will have:

  • Much needed clarity of your desires, your offerings, and your people
  • A focused, actionable plan to reach your WHOLE GOALS
  • Organization and systems for your self-care, home, and business back end
  • An automated profit funnel for your business
  • Business assets that you can use over and over again to generate more clients and more profit

Above all else you will have a peace of mind and finally feel confident that you finally got your life and business in order.


This program has truly been life-changing for my personal and business life.

Latrice Folkes Jones's practical strategies for creating a more balanced and organized mental, spiritual, and physical life before the business proves to be different from others Business Coaching.

Brittany Neely Jones www.brittanyneelyjones.com

When you enroll in the Whole Boss Business Academy during this special limited time period, you'll get:

  • Whole Boss Business Success Path teaches you how to create more impact, money, and freedom with less work and more ease.
  • Whole Boss BizStartHER Quick Start Roadmap and Digital Virgin Series™ to get you quickly energized, organized, and monetized.
  • BizBuildHER Monthly Workshops and Action Challenges to help you build your business on topics such as Building Your Website, List Building, Creating Consistent Content, Livestreaming, Marketing, Social Selling, and a lot more (starts after Digital Virgin Series completed).
  • Monthly Q&A Coaching Call to get your questions answered.
  • Whole Boss Seasonal Cleanse to detox your body, clear your clutter, and get your business house in order.
  • Whole Boss Quarterly Virtual Planning Retreat to create your personalized actionable business roadmap to move your business forward and keep you on track.
  • Private high-vibe community with like-minded female entrepreneurs for added support and accountability.


  • Whole Boss Living Planning System
  • Whole Boss Trello Templates
  • Whole Boss Canva and Funnel Templates

Full-Pay (Yearly) Bonuses

  • 2 months FREE with annual purchase
  • 3-months access to the Whole Boss Academy Accelerator Focus: BizLauncHER to help you create and launch your first digital product. It includes weekly group coaching and access to our Project Portal for 90 days. 

It's time to make your dreams a reality and stop talking about it and do it!
Get the help you need to make it happen so you don't have to fumble through it like I did.




In this membership I will take you on a WHOLE Journey through the Whole Boss Success Path

This success path is designed to give you everything you need to be a Whole Boss and help you....

Get Clear and Tap into You

Get Healthy and Make Yourself a Priority

Get your House in Order, Reduce your Overwhelm

Set up your Business for more Ease and Profit Flow

Find your Balance so that You can Have it All

You must have clarity, a focused plan, and Daily HRS - Habits, Rituals, and Systems for self-care, organization and profit to make it to your end goal of a successful business without burnout.

The Whole Boss Business Academy is a business program with a strong emphasis on self-care and systems.

This is for you if...

  • You are woman that is multi-talented, multi-passionate or managing multiple roles that wants to start or grow a freedom based business.
  • You feel overwhelmed because you have too much on your plate, you consume too much information or you have a lot of ideas but have no idea where to start.
  • You need a clear plan to reach all of your life and business goals.
  • You are ready to make yourself a priority and put important self-care systems in place for your life and business.
  • You want more time to spend with the people you love doing the things you love, without your business taking up all of your time.
  • You are ready to set up profitable systems in your business that bring in consistent income on a regular basis even while you sleep.


You are truly one of the kindest most amazing people I've never met, lol. Health guru, Business guru & Tech guru to name a few, you amaze me with all you do. At the risk of sounding corny... knowing you have bought me closer to my dreams. Thank you for being you.

Shakti Mwamba holistic life coach and yoga instructor

Latrice Folkes Jones  //  Your Instructor

Latrice helps women create a thriving business with freedom and balance, while loving themselves more.

"My ultimate goal is to help you create and grow a freedom based business of your dreams, while taking excellent care of yourself, and spending more time with the people you love. Resulting in more Wealth, Health and Optimized Living Everyday."

Latrice Folkes Jones

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Latrice Folkes Jones