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The Profitable HRS Activate Membership

✨The Whole Boss Profitable HRS™ Membership is a community for female entrepreneurs who want to make money every day with digital products while leveraging their time and energy through the use of Habits, Rituals, and Systems.✨

The activate membership helps you get started by setting up your business in a way that keeps YOU as a priority while managing and being present in your household plus serving your clients and customers at a high level without burnout.

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When you join the Profitable HRS Activate Membership

you'll get instant access to:

  • Profitable HRS Activate Curriculum 3 training modules delivered live to help you get started (activated) with the Profitable HRS Method to build your core holistic sales system along with habits and rituals to enable you to make more $$$ every day while doing less and taking excellent care of yourself
  • An Ever-growing Resource Library with scripts, workbooks, templates, and planners
  • Profitable HRS Living Planning System with Trello Boards and Digital Planner
  • Whole Boss Connect Monthly Q&A and Networking Session join us in the Whole Boss Lounge to answer your questions and connect with other Whole Bosses
  • Whole Boss Seasonal Cleanse to detox your body, clear your clutter, and get your business house in order
  • Profitable HRS Quarterly Virtual Planning Retreat to create your personalized actionable 90-day business roadmap to move your business forward and keep you on track
  • Freed Up Funnel Bundle to set up and launch your personalized automated digital product lead generation and sales system to free up your time while still getting new people and sales into your business every day
  • Website, Funnel, and Canva Templates
  • New templates, planners and tools every month
  • Private high-vibe community with like-minded female entrepreneurs for added support and accountability
  • BONUS: Whole Boss Lounge for Networking, Implementation, Co-working, and Events which includes weekly planning parties so that you get clarity and create a plan of action to make money in your business for the week

And More...For only $7/Month!

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Just $7/month – cancel anytime