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I've seen coaches charge thousands of dollars for this kind of value. But I decided to make it super affordable and accessible for female entrepreneurs even if they're just starting out for only $7/month

You've been trying to consistently make money online but...

  • It's been hard to even get started, you can never seem to find the time to work on your business and set up the proper systems with everything else you have going on in your life.
  • It's hard to stay focused, you keep getting sidetracked by all of the shiny objects and different marketing messages you see
  • You can't seem to get clear on what YOU need to focus on in YOUR business, because of all of the internet noise and comparison
  • You have wayyy too much going on, you're energy is split in 55 different directions but nothing is really giving you results 
  • You're tired, you've been trying to be superwoman and do "all of the things" juggling family, a job, plus no telling what else and you're exhausted from putting everyone else's needs above your own
  • Your income is sporadic, you have nothing in place to keep bringing people and sales into your business even when life happens

Sis, aren’t you exhausted😩?
You may be thinking, will this business ever get easier and start generating consistent cash?

But what if you do business differently and honor YOUR needs while creating a holistic system to help you consistently bring in new clients and sales without the burnout?

Here is what happens when you do that:

  • As a Whole Boss, you will be winning with a freedom-based business on your own terms and schedule, serving your clients at the highest level while taking excellent care of yourself and managing your household with more ease
  • You finally get clear about your goals, desires, genius, offers, and clients
  • You'll get rid of the clutter in your life and business that could be holding you back not only physically but on a deeper level 
  • You'll create a personalized plan or roadmap for your life and business that will help guide you to success and keep you on track 
  • You'll make yourself a priority and put important self-care measures in place for your physical, mental, and emotional health
  • You'll get to be your authentic self and be able to positively impact your audience just by sharing your journey
  • You'll be organized on a whole nutha level, making everything more streamlined and easier to find including your content and assets
  • You'll set up a simple profit system that can work like an employee in the background to consistently bring income into your business

Now that's what I'm talking about!

I’ll be honest with you:

Creating the life and business you want is not always easy!

Latrice Folkes Jones Planning

Founder & Intuitive Coach

Years ago when I was working in my final restaurant (I'm also a plant-based vegan chef, 27 years strong). I was wearing all of the hats in my business and a single mother with two growing girls.

I felt like I was superwoman until I wasn't... I was always last on my list, putting everyone else's needs above my own, not giving myself the love and care I deserved.

I can tell you, it didn't end well for me. It ended in a very serious burnout that not only caused me to close my restaurant, but my health also suffered greatly.

That experience made me realize how important it is to incorporate self-care and other systems into my life and business. It also taught me that I needed to build a business in a more sustainable way.

That's when I took my business mostly online and started to work differently. Because when I burnt out and stopped working, the money also stopped coming in.

So I vowed to do things differently, I decided to:

  • Make myself a priority, put my needs and self-care in the forefront then I could share my energy with others
  • Add digital and scalable products to my business, instead of mainly working one-to-one or dollars-per-hour service work. I now focus on creating digital assets that can be created once and sold over and over again. Also I serve my clients using mainly a one-to-many model (e.g. workshops, courses, memberships and group coaching) 
  • Implement habits, rituals, and systems (especially a core holistic automated profit system) to bring more consistency and cashflow into my business

So how do you even get started on creating this for yourself? Even if you're currently stuck working dollars for hours in a service-based business...

You start with building your business from the inside out and activating your innate energy present within you and get clear on what you want. Then you can put habits, rituals, and systems in place to help you achieve your dreams with more ease.


The Profitable HRS Activate Path

Learn the exact steps to activate your energy that in turn ignites more clients and more profit. We first release the heaviness and overwhelm that many female entrepreneurs suffer with and make ourselves and our time a priority. We then get clear and create a plan. Next we take quick imperfect action. Then put those actions on repeat with habits, rituals, and systems to reach our goals. Lastly we pay close attention to what's working and what's not so we can make needed adjustments.

Welcome to

The Profitable HRS Activate Membership

✨The Whole Boss Profitable HRS™ Membership is a community for female entrepreneurs who want to make money every day with digital products while leveraging their time and energy through the use of Habits, Rituals, and Systems.✨

The activate membership helps you get started by setting up your business in a way that keeps YOU as a priority while managing and being present in your household plus serving your clients and customers at a high level without burnout.

Just $7/month – cancel anytime

When you join the Profitable HRS Activate Membership

you'll get instant access to:

  • Profitable HRS Activate Curriculum 3 training modules delivered live to help you get started (activated) with the Profitable HRS Method to build your core holistic sales system along with habits and rituals to enable you to make more $$$ every day while doing less and taking excellent care of yourself
  • An Ever-growing Resource Library with scripts, workbooks, templates, and planners
  • Profitable HRS Living Planning System with Trello Boards and Digital Planner
  • Whole Boss Connect Monthly Q&A and Networking Session join us in the Whole Boss Lounge to answer your questions and connect with other Whole Bosses
  • Whole Boss Seasonal Cleanse to detox your body, clear your clutter, and get your business house in order
  • Profitable HRS Quarterly Virtual Planning Retreat to create your personalized actionable 90-day business roadmap to move your business forward and keep you on track
  • Freed Up Funnel Bundle to set up and launch your personalized automated digital product lead generation and sales system to free up your time while still getting new people and sales into your business every day
  • Website, Funnel, and Canva Templates
  • New templates, planners and tools every month
  • Private high-vibe community with like-minded female entrepreneurs for added support and accountability
  • BONUS: Whole Boss Lounge for Networking, Implementation, Co-working, and Events which includes weekly planning parties so that you get clarity and create a plan of action to make money in your business for the week

And More...For only $7/Month!

You Can Cancel Anytime

Just $7/month – cancel anytime

Here's a sneak peak of what's inside...

Just $7/month – cancel anytime

Amazing Bonuses

Stop struggling alone. Building a business is not easy. Become part of a powerful community and take advantage of the sisterhood, accountability, and opportunities that can help you take your business to the next level.

The Whole Boss Lounge

The opportunity to co-work, network, and get stuff done with your peers

Member Spotlights

We celebrate you and the work you have done by sharing your business and wins by email and on social

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What if I can help you to get just one digital product sale this month?

I love celebrating our members’ wins… But I also love that you can easily fund this membership by just selling one digital product 🤔🤔🤔

Just $7/month – cancel anytime

Latrice Folkes Jones's practical strategies for creating a more balanced and organized mental, spiritual, and physical life before the business proves to be different from others Business Coaching.

- Brittany Neely Jones

Who is this for?

👉The Whole Boss HRS Activate Membership is for two types of people….


The aspiring online female entrepreneur that wants to start making income in their business but is overwhelmed by all the things they think they need to do


The experienced female entrepreneur that wants to make consistent income without it taking all of her waking hours and sacrificing everything else important to them

If you can check one of these boxes, you’re in the right place!

Just $7/month – cancel anytime

If you’re asking yourself…

“I already bought so many things that didn’t help me and why do I need the Profitable HRS Membership?”

Then let me tell you this:

  • This is nothing like the things you’ve bought before
  • This will help you to flip the switch from spinning your wheels to finally gaining traction in your business
  • This will allow you to get the accountability, practice, and feedback to become an even better entrepreneur that actually reaches your goals
  • This doesn’t only give you theory and knowledge it also gives you done-for you templates, tools, and resources that you can use in your business instantly. You aren’t in this alone anymore. Be part of a supportive community of amazing people that are on the same journey.
  • There is a no risk 7-day money back guarantee and you can cancel at any time
  • This costs less than a couple cups of coffee at Starbucks but unlike the coffee, this has the potential to change your whole life and business so you can finally have the consistent income you deserve without the burnout.

Just $7/month – cancel anytime

Frequently asked questions

I’m just getting started and don’t have a business yet, is this membership still a good fit for me?

The Profitable HRS Activate Membership is for female entrepreneurs no matter what stage of business you are in, whether you are just getting started or are a seasoned business owner that's tired of the hustle and ready to get your systems in place while also making yourself and self-care a priority. So YES if you're new to business this is for you...so you can start out the right way to avoid burnout, wasted time, money, and energy in the future.

I don’t have a big list or following, will this membership still help me?

No list, no problem we will have a training inside of the membership to help you get started building your email list and will help you set up your list building/lead generation funnel so you can get people on your list consistently on autopilot.

I don’t have anything to sell, am I ready for this membership yet?

Yes, absolutely! My goal is to help you to get monetized quickly in a way that you can also scale. We will build digital products together in the membership. There is a training inside that will help you plan and produce your first or next digital product.

What if my product isn't a digital product?

The focus in the membership is on building digital products from your knowledge, expertise, skills or your services. There are so many other valuable areas in the membership that will still be beneficial to you even if you have a service or product-based business. Such as creating your self-care systems, time management, organizing, and marketing.

Having a digital product such as a course, membership, group coaching program, E-books, and other digital products is going to give you more of the freedom and scalability that I am trying to help you achieve in the membership.

I have a lot going on and this sounds overwhelming, how much time will this take to implement?

It can take as little or as much time as you want to get through and implement the materials. You will have access to everything you need to get it done in the fastest time possible to set up your initial systems for self-care, organization, clients, and profit.

I struggle with confidence and putting myself out there before it’s “perfect” will this help?

Me too, I definitely struggle with perfectionism. Inside the membership, we are adopting the mindset that done is better than perfect, and we can tweak along the way to make it even better, but get your work out there. If you truly want to help others, get out of your own way, and build products with their input, I can help you get through those feelings.

I’m not tech-savvy, will I be able to do this program?

If you're not techy it's okay I give you easy-to-use templates to help you get things done. It has never been an easier time to get online with all of the technology that is available to you now.

What tech do I need or do you recommend to get the most out of this program?

I recommend several free and mostly low-cost tools to help you do things like building your website, set up your funnels, set up your email system, create graphics and branding, as well as get organized.

All of the software I recommend is cloud-based so you can use it on your desktop, laptop, tablets, and mobile devices.

To build out your website and funnels you need access to a modern desktop or laptop and an internet connection.

If you have a specific tech question please email support@wholeboss.com.

What can I expect when I enroll in Profitable HRS Activate membership?

Once you sign-up, you will receive emails immediately with your Login Info (username and password) and my welcome email with all of the instructions and links to access the member's area.

Once you enter the member's area you will see a welcome video with your next instructions as well as access to the activate dashboard that has everything you need.

What is your refund policy?

We want you to be fully happy with our products here at Whole Boss. Please read our Refund & Cancellation Policy below to see your options should you decide to cancel.

You can cancel the membership anytime inside of the member's dashboard and we offer a 7-day no questions asked refund policy to try the program, you must request a refund within those 7 days should you feel the membership is not a good fit. To apply for a refund please contact support at https://wholeboss.com/contact or email support@wholeboss.com.

Is there any support available if I have questions or get stuck?

As a Profitable HRS Activate Member, there are many ways you can get support and your questions answered.

1) Inside of our private community forum located in the academy.
2) You can comment under the lessons.
3) You can click the bubble at the bottom of the pages and send a message by video, audio, or text.
4) You can work with other members inside of the Whole Boss Lounge anytime and during designated Planning and Implementation Co-Working Days.
5) You can contact support at support@wholeboss.com for technical, login, billing issues, etc.)