A love story about making yourself and your dreams a priority.

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Plan YOUR Season!!!

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Feel like life's a non-stop juggling act, putting everyone else's needs and dreams before your own? It's time to hit pause and put YOUR dreams in the spotlight! Introducing the Me Season Planner – your roadmap to owning YOUR season, because let's be real, it's time to put yourself first.

Why did I choose to declare "Me Season" right now? Because honestly looking around and judging by my own feelings, a lot of us especially female entrepreneurs, have nothing left to give, yet we keep giving...

I am merely proposing that we begin to look within and nurture ourselves first. Make sure we know what we want, living the life we want, and having the business we truly desire. Then turning outwards to help everyone else.

While we may have other responsibilities and not be able to focus fully on ourselves. We are damn sure going to make ourselves a priority, get the clarity we need, make the necessary space, and give ourselves unconditional love, forgiveness, and self care. As well as taking inspired action on our dreams.

If you are with me, let's go!

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Heyyy, how are you?

I'm Latrice,

I reached one of the lowest points I had ever been. I was totally burnt out financially, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I felt it coming but, I kept telling myself; "I'm okay, I'll get around to taking better care of myself, but right now other people depend on me and need me to be strong. I'll slow down after I make a little more money. I'll get on track after so and so event. If I work harder eventually everything will fall into place." or whatever excuses I gave at the time not to take care of myself like I was taking care of everyone else.

It didn't end well and the road to recovery has been a long one and honestly I'm still on it. I came to the realization if I don't take back my power and focus on me and MY needs I will never get out of this space. So that is what I'm doing and I want to share my journey with you.