May 5, 2021

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Episode 9 | Finding Beauty In Chaos With Kimbi Tiez

In this episode, we have the lovely Kimbi Tiez and she is showing us how to Find Beauty In Our Chaos. Learn how she turned heartbreak, betrayal, losing everything, and challenging life lessons into something beautiful that she is now sharing with the world. She is sharing how she now has the courage to live her truth and follow her dreams while also homeschooling a 4th grader as a single parent. She is going to let us in on how she's taking care of herself, putting herself out there out of her comfort zone, and what she has coming up.

I have some dope people in my life and I'm so happy I can share one of them today, Kimbi The Goddess Tiez. Kimbi is a healer extraordinaire, she is a licensed Yoga Instructor and Massage Therapist among other things, and now she is helping us heal with her voice. Learn how she turned her coal into a beautiful diamond in today's episode. She's definitely dropping some gems on us and has a word for you.

Kimbi has a brand new single and beautiful visual dropping this Friday on YouTube that you don't want to miss, titled "Finding Beauty In Chaos". You can find all of her links where you can visit her website, follow her and support her on social.

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