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You missed out!

Imagine if you had a step-by-step roadmap that led you to a life and business of your dreams without the overwhelm, confusion or burnout.

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Join us for 5 power-packed days of planning starting Wednesday, June 21st

In just a few days you will create your master balance plan and plans for your self-care, home & family, clients, content, and profit. By the end of this boot camp you will have a plan that will give you more balance in your life and business.

In order to have less overwhelm, more time, energy and consistent income in your business...YOU NEED A PLAN.


Without a balanced plan you may find yourself...


because you have too much on your plate, consume too much information or you have a lot of ideas but have no idea where to start.

Out of Energy

because you haven't made yourself a priority and put important self-care systems in place for your life and business.

Out of Time

to spend with the people you love doing the things you love, because building your business is taking up all of your time.

Out of Money

because you have been unable to set up profitable systems in your business that bring in consistent income on a regular basis.

Ready For More Balance In Your Life And Business?

Most female entrepreneurs struggle with finding a balance between their life and business. I help you create a plan to have more time, energy, and consistent income in your home and business. Join this FREE Challenge to design a business in which you work less and make more while taking excellent care of yourself.

What you will learn in this challenge:

  • How to get crystal clear on your desires and direction to create your Whole Boss Master Plan
  • How to plan out your business to make room for essential self-care, as well as the people and things you love
  • How to manage your time better to actually get more done in less time with more ease.
  • How to create your client engagement and content plan
  • A profit plan to automate your sales to bring in consistent income, while giving you more time


I received so much clarity within my business! I appreciate Latrice’s down-to-earth personality and her ability to inspire us to be Balanced Bosses.




Loved it all Latrice! The wisdom, enthusiasm and Fellowship was GREAT! Thank you!



Thanks for this boot camp. It's very helpful and timely as the universe and the Creator has placed this particular journey on my spirit. Thanks for the knowledge!


Hi, I'm Latrice Folkes Jones, How are you?

I created Whole Boss for women like me that want it all, without the exhaustion and overwhelm of having it all. Women that want to have a healthy balance of love, family, health, and happiness with their business.

I created the Whole Boss BizPlanHER Bootcamp to help you create and grow a profitable business that you love without sacrificing your health, family or sanity. I hope you join us and I look forward to sharing with you.

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